As a pioneer in water based paints for aircraft Mapaero embraces the latest technology and strives for environmental protection. We are proud to offer a large range of products from our R&D laboratories, and happy to support you with our technical, commercial, and logistics services.

I invite you to discover our full range of coatings. My teams are at your service for your satisfaction.

J.F. Brachotte

Research and Development

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The Research and Development organization

The Mapaero Team is dedicated to the development of innovative products for the aerospace market and today is seen as pioneers in their field thanks to the ongoing desire to embrace the latest technologies and improve both industry and environmental conditions.

Today the Research and Development consists of several key divisions, each enjoying their own facilities:


The Structure Lab; with over 25 years of expertise in airframe protection, is responsible for supporting the existing business of corrosion prevention and is highly dedicated to the development of Chromate free coatings in the future. The Structure lab is also involved by the protection of polymer and composite materials.


This laboratory is dedicated to the coatings of the interior cabins, constantly combines aesthetics, special effects and colors, with the technical performances such as fire resistance, chemical resistance, low VOC content and ease of cleaning. Our technologies are, among others, used in the VIP cabins.

Industry Department

This department is an intergral part of the Research and Development, because validates the products formulated with the regard to the customer application processes. The approach is to focus on the industrial specification, in consultation with the customers, so that the products developed are most in line with their expectations.


The Mapaero lab team have a strong policy of developing environmentally- friendly products, particularly with water-based paints and keeps up to date with studies conducted into the hazards presented by the chemical components used in our formulations and the associated regularity restrictions (REACH). Our developments take this information into account to ensure we offer sustainable solutions

The laboratories are equipped with the most modern tests and measurement devices and equipment including:

  •  Salt spray Chamber 
  •  Infrared and visual spectrometer
  •  Various spectrophotocolorimeters 
  •  Flammability test equipment 
  •  Electrochemical impedance measuring equipment 
  •  Climatic test chamber 
  •  Dedicated lab for metal surface conversion treatments 
  •  Accelerated UV test Chamber 
  •  Dispersers, mixing and grinding equipment
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Hardness measuring equipment
  • Flexibility measuring equipment

Quality & inspections

  • Role :

    Compliance with customer requirements through conformity certification for all of our products.
  • Goal :

    Certification of products in accordance with customer specifications. Guaranteed compliance with specifications for each of our products.
  • 1. Compliance with customer requirements
  • 2. Compliance with current standards
  • 3. AS/EN 9100 certification     See certificate
  • 4. ISO 9001 certification     See certificate
  • 5. ISO 14001 certification     See certificate
  • 6. All batches fully inspected
  • 7. A dedicated department carrying out technical, chemical and colour inspections on our paints
  • 8. Airbus-approved AIC colours

Quality at the service of the customer

Mapaero applies a recognised quality system that is AS/EN 9100 certified. Continuous improvement and compliance with customer requirements are key concerns for us. Integrated within various enhancement projects, we perfect our system and facilities each day to provide the best possible solution to our partners' concerns.

Always at your service, Mapaero undertakes to provide you with a product that complies with your expectations within the agreed times.

Full inspections

A dedicated department is responsible for inspecting our products. The physical and chemical characteristics are inspected to certify the technical properties of our paints and provide our customers with the guarantee that the delivered product is identical in all respects to the product initially certified.

The colour is also checked in order to guarantee the visual impact of your surfaces.

An inspection report is issued for each batch as a guarantee of Mapaero quality.

Health & Environment

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With 3,000 sqm. of photovoltaic panels and a geothermal heating system, Mapaero ensures optimal control over its energy consumption. As part of our ISO 14001 certification, multiple initiatives are conducted each year to reduce our environmental impact: waste recycling, VOC reduction and, of course, the development of more environmentally friendly paints.


The health of its operators and the customers that use its products is a prime concern for Mapaero. Over and above the initiatives carried out by our Health & Safety team, two key priorities motivate our entire personnel: 

The reduction of solvents contained in paint, in order to reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Over a period of ten years, the proportion of paints with minimal solvent content (high-solids, aqueous and water-soluble) has risen from 10 to 80%.

Replacement of hazardous substances (REACH, exposure limits, occupational exposure limits, etc.): AEG, DBP, chromate, molybdates, toluene, etc. In 2014, Mapaero certified a chromate-free structural primer for aeronautical applications. A first step towards the widespread replacement of chromate-based anti-corrosion primers.



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  • Production floor area: 7000 m²
  • Human resources: 70 employees to serve our customers
  • A modern and environmentally-friendly company: use of photovoltaic panels and geothermal energy
  • Green energy compensation with respect to the factory’s consumption: 50%
  • Logistic flows taken into account in the construction of the buildings
  • Logistics software for reliability of preparations (foolproofing, barcode management, dematerialised orders, hand-held scanners and portable printers)
  • Automated equipment: packaging machines, labeller, shredders, etc.
  • Colorimetry: one automatic tinting machine per paint system
  • Leading brands for colour formulation and control: DATACOLOR and MINOLTA spectrophotometers
  • Colour specialists able to produce colours “by eye” to meet the most difficult production requirements
  • Four spray booths for internal tests, customer training and production of standard cards
  • Two fully equipped test laboratories: spectrophotometers, drying ovens, climatic chamber, infrared spectroscopy and accessories
  • Modern production management tools: ERP, Kamban, minimum thresholds, automatic stock replenishment, forecasting tools, etc.
  • A wide range of packaging to meet our customers’ needs: from 12 ml to 200 litres.

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