Mapaero is first and foremost a close-knit team comprising motivated, dynamic people working together towards one main goal: customer satisfaction.

It is also a very diverse team, with various complementary skills that contribute to the company’s development. Various teams contribute to Mapaero’s business, coordinated by General Management (this list is not exhaustive):

Research and Development Engineers:
These are chemists with a passion for formulating products. They drive innovation projects and qualify new products, and work to a great extent in the field. They are also available to assist customers with application and to answer technical questions on the products in our range.
Research and Development Technicians:
Also trained chemists, they manage tests on a day-to-day basis and monitor development projects closely. They assist internal and external contacts with technical questions relating to the products. They are, together with the Engineers, responsible for the release of new products.
Production Supervisors:
Managers of teams comprising two to ten people, they handle scheduling and coordinate the objectives of their workshop. They are also technical specialists for their activity, train new team members and may assist in production operations if necessary.
Production Operators:
At the heart of the company’s activity, they manufacture, package and ship products, apply paints, manage waste, and help ensure that their workshop is well-organised and tidy. They ensure that production processes comply with instructions and quality procedures.
Trained in scientific fields, they conduct laboratory tests to check compliance of products with specifications and with customer requirements.
Sales Managers:
Dealing directly with companies in their assigned region of the world, they are responsible for following up and developing their customer portfolio.
Customer Managers:
Working closely with the Sales Managers, Customer Managers handle day-to-day contacts with customers, including placing and tracking orders, handling commercial proposals and gauging customer satisfaction. They act as an interface for any administrative or technical questions.
Support Departments:
These cover functional areas of the company: Quality, Purchasing, IS, Reception, Accounting and Human resources.
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